Employee Volunteering-under Corporate Social Responsibility
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What Is Employee Volunteering?

Corporate Employee volunteering offers a path for companies to find their soul in doing service for others. It is a unique form of giving that builds a direct link between companies and nonprofits. It encourages employees to become “cause champions” through opportunities such as a day volunteering program or a long-term relationship with nonprofits. These programs are a great way for organizations to create true impact in communities besides fostering a philanthropic legacy of impact stories. This also leads to employees getting motivated, inspired to do better and stay engaged professionally.

Benefits For Your Company

Building social and environmental performance into an organization’s core strategy, and developing strong, active stakeholder relationships improve brand value and innovation opportunity, as well as minimize risk. Understanding how to respond to social and environmental trends and prioritize stakeholder activity are key success factors for business strategies. There are two ways to approach volunteer program of your company. One is to dedicate all efforts towards a cause supported by the company completely or secondly, allow your employees to participate in philanthropic activities directly. You can promote causes that complement both – the interest of your company and passion of your employees. This will lead to a successful volunteer program as employees will be fully invested in the same.

We have the following employee volunteering programs (during weekends and holidays only)

  • Teach computer to students and also Read stories to our children creative writing class
  • Teach a specific topic, e.g countries, history, mathematics, English, science, geography (depends on volunteers interests and syllabus)
  • Teach dance, music, theatre, teach musical instruments
  • Teach environmental studies.
  • Organize after school remedial program.
  • Teach our children how to knit/ crochet: Organize a fashion show where our children design their own clothes and make them
  • Teach photography, pottery, calligraphy
  • Teach sports (basketball, cricket, football, rugby, badminton, gymnastics, aerobics, Yoga, etc)
  • Karate classes
  • Ballet classes
  • Organize children profiles
  • Life Skills class. Check mental health and work with the children who have learning difficulties.
  • Organize the library; organize a performance in a local school
  • Conduct cooking classes with our kids.
  • Teach the children how to make friendship bracelets
  • Face painting