Building an economic bridge between those who have and those who do not have !

By donating your surplus of one’s prosperity to address lack of resources of another.
Use urban surplus and Rural needs as two alternate development currencies to bring dignity and a better life for communities in cities and villages across India..

When you donate your old materials, an immediate benefit since the receiver can make use of the donated item within the shortest possible time. We accept old and/or used clothes, shoes, books, textbooks, toys, computers and bicycles that are not being utilized any longer are of no utility to the possessor. If donated, these items would be useful to underprivileged persons from poor community.

Other items like sanitary pads, blankets, stationary and household goods need to be donated in new condition only. However, there is no bar on donation of new items even in categories where old, used goods are accepted.

We help you become a donor of food as well as used and new products. If you desire, we co-ordinate between you and donation-seekers so that the process is concluded soonest.

We also urge budding social entrepreneurs to promote donations in kind in their cities and towns, followed by collection and distribution of used and new products. Likewise, we welcome seekers of donations in kind to inform us about their requirements, so that this platform can bring their needs to the attention of our audience of do-gooders.

Let us all take this movement forward to fulfil, in a small way, the mission of ushering in a kinder, caring and supportive world!

To donate, call on 99003-18659