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India is the home of millions of poor people who have limited means of subsistence. Some even struggle to get the basics of life: food, water, clothing, and shelter. Despite significant economic and social progress since independence, more than 23.4% of India’s population still lives below the poverty line, according to World Bank figures. This means that a staggering 276 million people in India survive on $1.25 a day on purchasing power parity. In such situations, the intervention of charities and NGOs, along with government initiatives and plans, becomes crucial.

The key to tackling poverty is not in providing benefits to the poor. The focus here should be on equipping them with all the necessary tools (quality education, healthcare, safety and security, professional skills, etc.).So that they can achieve personal economic growth and consequently contribute to the betterment of themselves, society, and country. 

The Lovedale Foundation is an NGO in Bengaluru that brings more than 350 children directly from the 8 slum communities of Bengaluru to empowerment through missions such as education, health, environment, and skills. 

You can help a child escape from poverty through donating to Charity India. This allows you to gift the child life-changing benefits for a lower monthly and annual contribution. Your donations to charity in India will ensure that the child receives education, healthcare as well as nutrition support at every stage of his or her young life. 



Are you thinking about to donate to charity in India– It Can be a Wise Move to help the poor

NGOs like Lovedale Foundation are providing the right tools to today’s children, those who are the future of tomorrow and paving the way for them to move forward in life. The organization is helping disadvantaged children have access to quality education, access to health care, protection from abuse and harm, and access to a full-fledged childhood by providing relief and rehabilitation in disasters and emergencies. The idea is to empower the marginalized children of India to grow up into mature, healthy, and skilled adults who can earn a decent living and leave a life of poverty behind. 

However, for all their activities, NGOs depend on contributions from around the world. If you have the heart and the inclination to help people get out of the dilemma of poverty, what could be better than donating to a charity and trusted NGO that works for disadvantaged children? Your money will be used efficiently to manage social welfare projects for children and enable them to have a beautiful childhood. While thousands of donors regularly contribute to NGOs, the latter creates a pool of funds that are used to create and implement projects that bring a variety of benefits to poor children.


Lovedale Foundation
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