Healthcare Camp for Children in Rural Areas | Lovedale Foundation

Healthcare Camp for Children in Rural Areas | Lovedale Foundation

Our Continuous Great Job for the society makes us one of the Best Ngo in India

“One man can make war, but it is children who make history”. We know that children are the future of civilization. Health is a major section of children’s lives and it is the responsibility of our society to take care of the health of every child. There is no reason to deprive a child of basic human rights of health care, education, and proper nutrition just because the parents of a child are poor or uneducated.


Child health is a case of physical, mental, intellectual, social, and mental well-being and not just the absence of disease or weakness. The major components of child health care are

  • •    Family planning and reproductive health services
  • •    Maternal, newborn, and child health services
  • •    Health communications
  • •    Health commodities and supplies.
  • •    Health systems strengthening.

Loneliness is an essential element for a child’s spiritual health. According to study, every three seconds in the developing world a child dies due to a lack of basic health care and other things we all accept for granted. If we only prompt our children and keep them busy with the endless stories with no space to be alone, this can harm their mental health.

Healthcare Camp for Children in Rural Areas | Lovedale Foundation

Child health care is systematically defined as the medical services that are regulated by the medical health professionals to the children suffering disease or infection. These services are arranged and funded by different health organizations. Lovedale Foundation earned popularity as one of the best NGO in India by providing different kinds of social services for children in schools and rural areas of Karnataka where common people can’t afford facilities like education, health services, women’s strengthening, skill development, and environmental protection.

The Lovedale Foundation, an NGO in Bangalore, provides a healthcare camp on 4th December to test the immunity of disadvantaged children. In this Omicron situation, a child’s immunity is very important. The camp was maintained by 10 medical professionals who are specialized and experienced in the treatment of pediatric patients. Specialists have also examined major health issues and contacted each child’s parents to take care of them. More than 100 people have united with their children to receive grace, and the Lovedale Foundation has become a helping hand for pediatricians.

 The entire Lovedale team collaboration made the camp beneficial for every underprivileged child who does not have these facilities. At last, we deeply thank our medical specialists, volunteers, and rural authorities to make this program beneficial.