Healthy people make healthy children

Health and Wellness Workshops is an interactive program designed to engage, educate and inspire individuals as well as groups and organizations about the importance of good health. In such health-related events, the predominance of children comes first. Health is a major part of children’s lives and it is the responsibility of our society to take care of the health of every child. 

Participating in workshops can help children achieve success in their educational and healthy living environment by applying these skills in practice. Therefore, if the child has difficulty in learning or possibly lacks organizational skills, such workshops can help them.

A Workshop provides an interactive, engaging and positive, healthy foundation from which children and students can build and grow. Through interactive and kinesthetic activities, participation and discussion, the workshops create a lively and fun environment where learning takes place.

“Healthy people make Healthy Children” if you are not conscious about your health, your child is not healthy either. A Healthcare promotion project involving socially disadvantaged people has been conducted by YAKULT company in Banyan school with our children. These interventions are conducted through a series of participatory sessions that create more supportive structures to guide the children with problems and help them better identify and formulate their health needs as they are usually part of a population that is not accustomed to expressing these needs. The process of the company is consistent with the standards and goals of health promotion, with content discussions, participation of target audience members at different stages of the project, and adaptation to the size and scale of the project aimed at engaging.

Lovedale Foundation is an NGO in Bangalore Which conducts various social service programs in schools and remote areas to reach out to the needy and vulnerable. The decision of such a workshop is really an intelligent idea of YAKULT company and through this health event, our children got adequate treatment and necessary healthcare tips to stay healthy. At the end of the event, YAKULT Management Gopika said that we help children get the best healthcare in disadvantaged environments.