Help Ever Hurt Never

There is a great saying “Help Ever Hurt Never” and that is universal. From a certain point of view, we can see people as givers or takers. Just like happiness and sorrow are two important parts of life and are inevitable, the human role as givers and takers is also an important part of life. Without balancing these two, life becomes worthless. Some days we are ‘givers’ and some days ‘takers’.

A human mentality with only a role of takers is worthless and has no respect and is more prone to greed and dissatisfaction while a human mentality with only a role of givers suffers a lot of pain and loneliness although the human gets respect and recognition. So it is important to balance both in life, a giver needs to know his limit and make takers realize their limit.

It is not mandatory that a giver should donate daily by exceeding more than his capacity, donating a little part of his belonging is enough. As a giver wherever you get an opportunity to help people needy go for it and follow the funda “Help Ever Hurt Never” because when you help any living beings in their need you will get in return in an unexpected way and that moment will be a wonderful part of your life.

Lovedale Foundation aims to help poor kids and women through a child sponsorship program in collaboration with various philanthropists and corporate people. Last week the Foundation had distributed grocery items to the children of Banyan School, Bengaluru in the presence of their parents. The program was headed by Lovedale Foundation and was sponsored by Novo Nordisk India Pharma Company.

Few volunteers for NGO from Presidency College also participated and supported the program. Apart from grocery distribution educational training and games were held to encourage the children of Banayan School. The program lasted for 3 hours in the presence of delegates of Novo Nordisk India Pharma Company.

The smiles on the faces of children excite us more and motivate us to work more