Helping others is the secret sauce to a happy life

The ultimate goal of human life is to live a happy and peaceful life, but most humans are not worth it. We humans destroy our peaceful life in many ways such as overthinking, expecting more than we worked for, interrupting other’s life, and hoarding wealth. People look at life like a race in fact life is a journey, not a competition where happiness and sorrow are part of our life and this truth cannot be denied. We are the creator of our own destiny, all our blessings and sins are counted and this is how Karma works.

Very few people stay strong in their hard times and work for good deeds. A true worshipper prays to God in his happy moments and bad times. People struggle to find the path to a happy and peaceful life in their bad times and get confused with destiny. Helping others is the secret sauce to a happy life is well said by the famous writer and speaker Todd Stocker. Everyone should adapt to this funda to lead a happy and peaceful life.

A disturbed mind with a wealthy lifestyle is hell whereas a peaceful mind with simple living is the natural way of leading life. To be happier help others when they are needed as much as you can.

Lovedale Foundation is one of the best NGOs in Bangalore founded in 2002 to help deprived children and their families mainly in the rural areas. We are supporting school children with various program to help our society gets educated and nation strong. Lovedale Foundation is a non-profit foundation offering transparent service where philanthropists help poor people with support from the Lovedale Foundation.

Under the child sponsorship program, the volunteers of the Lovedale Foundation organized an event and conducted some activities at learning centers in North Bengaluru in the first week of June. Children were educated about digital technology on the internet and grocery kits were distributed to them in presence of their parents.

Lovedale Foundation organizes this kind of event now and then in Bangalore and other parts of Karnataka. The main focus is on child education and woman empowerment in rural areas. By distributing books, uniforms, grocery kits, and medicine to rural families Lovedale Foundation has helped thousands of economically deprived families to get access to basic needs.