In the year 2000, the LOVEDALE foundation’s program was already active in 20 villages.
Prior to extending its program to another region, it decided to carry out an impact study on actually measuring the impact of its work on the marginalized level.

To measure the impact of its work, research instruments were developed from the concepts of social sciences. LOVEDALE’s own set of specific objectives were used to develop a questionnaire, and indicators were systematically identified to see whether the expected results had been achieved or not in the field of early childhood education, healthcare, child labor in India, etc.

An International Commission from Sydney studied the impact of the LOVEDALE Program in the villages and submitted a detailed performance report about this NGO based in Bangalore. The study was conducted by 40k Foundation along with the universities of Sydney on rural development.

The research study was carried out under the guidance of an independent international team of experts bringing together experienced researchers from India and Australia. The result of this study shows that these target groups have succeeded in strengthening the community, increasing their production and productivity, healthcare, basic rights, and skill training for youths.

In a quick recap, we have impacted over 3000 children, 570 women in 35 villages with 2000 families to date. Our foundation has been highly recognized in donate to charity India.