The purpose of life is to achieve the maximum with limited skills. The passion in each person justifies the reason for every action and the outcome reflects the action carried to attain the passion. The unmemorable acts nourish a person’s thought to do even better with the prior experience.

Everyone has a strong passion for something in their life and often the weak passion is lived by them, which paralyze the will of a person to act or react to the situation but the strong passion urges for strong and focused actions. Such strong passion inspire oneself and others to carryout multiple factor activities in the realm of mind.

Passion is present in our day today life. If we could take a ‘Slice of Life’ which caters the best moments of life and BOTTLE THEM to recap the golden memories with a melancholic smile on face during the crisis situations. If these miserable situations could overtook with the reflection of ‘Bottled memories’, which would definitely brings back the passion to ‘Be the Best’ of all.

During the Annual Sports day at Banyan Community School, the enthusiasm of each team member in appreciating and encouraging the fellow players in striving for the success was with the best effort. The passion of each students who had least opportunities to grow and develop athletic characters in their life situation had an internal passion to explode the maximum during each competition. The quick thoughts invoke the spirit into action and show off the talent of the students. The annual sports day was an occasion to understand the energy, creativity and passion in participating and taking the team with spirit and fun. They are a role model for each one of us to encounter all the situations with hardcore Passion and Action. Charity events in India at banyan community school lovedale foundation makes effective and productive for all the children.

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