Under this project, 500 poor Women will be connected with banks by Self Help Group, who are living below poverty line (BPL). Here training would be provided in the area of goat farming, organic manure, dairy, stitching, art of handicraft etc, for increasing their self-confidence level, livelihood growth and empowerment. 


Rural women are socially and economically weaker and mostly uneducated or school dropouts. Such women are dependent upon their husband or father for their needs who are either very small farmers or farm labourers. Livelihood opportunities in the agricultural sector are declining day by day due to severe drop in ground water level and mechanisation of farming activities. The rural artisans are also struggling with their trade as their market reach is small. All these people have no option left and are forced to migrate to different sectors.


We educate and facilitate rural women to start self help groups and also run them successfully by instilling confidence, unity, understanding and leadership qualities in them. For artisans we improve their skills as per market needs and helping them to reach out to bigger markets. Since livelihood is ensured Children go to school. Education reduces poverty and  ignorance among people which further helps in eradicating social evils such as child marriage, dowry etc

Long-Term Impact

Number of women, who are living below poverty line, will be reduced. By the help of SHG, poor village women will get better quality of life and livelihood, which will be helpful to empower the socially and economically women. As a result, there will be a bright future for these 500 women and their families