Lovedale Foundation- NGO Supporting People Through Medical Camp

Lovedale Foundation- NGO Supporting People Through Medical Camp


As a social being, it is hard to see poor and deprived people struggling hard to get treated for hereditary diseases like diabetes. Most of them do not even know the utilization of benefits of various Government schemes for medicines. We at Lovedale foundation, one of the best NGOs In India always ready to help people in need through our various charity programs like the child sponsorship program. We are aware that most hereditary diseases like diabetes can be controlled if it is identified and treated in their early stage. 

There is a famous saying that “prevention is better than cure”, this accurately applies to our health system. We living organisms are blessed with a beautiful life but it is up to us to see the beauty in others and make our lifestyle better. The way of our lifestyle shapes our health, most people spoil their health through lazy lifestyle and unbalanced diet but these conditions can be treated with medical aid. Unfortunately millions of people suffer from hereditary diseases and diabetes is one of the most common hereditary diseases in people across the world. Treatment of other diseases for diabetic patients becomes challenging for the doctors as it takes more time than usual. Poor people do not know about diabetes due to a lack of support.

On World Diabetes Day, Lovedale Foundation organized a free diabetes camp at a remote location in Dodda Gubbi, Bengaluru. The camp was accompanied by 10 health workers, 15 volunteers, and other support staff. More than 100 poor people gathered there and got benefitted from this diabetes camp, the patients got tested for the extent of diabetes diseases. The medical staff educated them about diabetes disease and explained how to prevent them in the future. Overall the camp was highly beneficial to the poor people making the Lovedale foundation a helping hand for the poor people.

We sincerely thank medical staff, our volunteers for NGOs, local authorities for making this event successful. Without their effort, the event wouldn’t have benefited the people.