Networking is all about Giving

Love cannot remain by itself—it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action and that action is service (Donate to Charity) – Mother Teresa

We human beings are social animals and dependent on each other to fulfill our basic needs and demands. For prosperous and peaceful living, we have adopted the concept of civilization where people are engaged in one or the other form of activities in a hierarchical order. Depending on the traditional and cultural practices our civilized society is divided by boundaries in the form of nation, state, etc across the globe.


The social needs of human beings in the hierarchical system of society have led to the practice of social networking. This helps understand each other and unite them for a cause and also at the time of crisis. Agriculture, business, education, sports, festivals, etc are some important parts of civilization. It is true that people practice social networking for their personal benefit to gain wealth and fame but the fact is networking is all about giving. There are two types of people; givers and takers, for a balanced life people should accept both only as per their requirement. For example, Azim Premji an Indian business tycoon and philanthropist donates most of his personal earnings to charity for an educational causes, he is a true legend. There are also many heroes who regularly donate to charity India for the improvement of society, our nation is blessed to have such heroes.

The best way to serve God is to serve humanity, a famous saying found in all the religious texts. Donation is one of the strong ways to serve humanity to support food, education, medicinal needs for needy people. We should not forget that our society’s growth is teamwork which means people of every status should grow by having access to basic facilities. Through networking, we can connect philanthropists to needy people that will help better utilization of the resources and save time and effort. People should be known for their actions rather than their status.

Five best ways to help people:

Food offerings

Offer food or snacks to the people in needy. It is better to bless people in needy with food items instead of giving huge money. Giving a small amount of money is okay.

Donate essential stuff

Donating essential kinds of stuff like clothes, footwear, wellness products, etc helps them to lead a healthy life.

Medical aid

Poor people cannot afford special medicines and do not have proper knowledge about medicines. Help them with medical aid by consulting a doctor.

Educational sponsor

Family members of poor children force them to work instead of encouraging them to go to school due to poverty. In this case sponsor a child with school fees, books, uniforms, etc to support their education.

Child adoption

If you find an orphan with any talent make an opportunity to adopt them if you think you are capable or else connect them with a strong philanthropist or charity.