Lovedale Foundation’s Banyan School provides top class education facilities to the marginalized children in rural Bangalore. The program gives impetus to working with the youngsters who are facing financial difficulty in attending the school during the middle years or are the chronic dropouts. Our program aims at building capacities of the teachers who teach these kids.


Karnataka has over 50,000 schools of which 22,342 are Government Lower Primary Schools and 26,374 are Government Higher Primary Schools. Government Schools cater to 92% of the school-going child population, who are largely children from families living in deprived circumstances.

In Bangalore alone, 60,000 children live in the streets. Though in urban regions, literacy rate is marginally better, it’s the dropout rate has become a matter for concern. Our Education program provide with necessary assistance to children,especially from the stone quarry and underprivileged section of the society. These are the children who have rescued from child labor, including poverty, lack of motivation to study further, poor parents support system, absence of teachers or good quality education.Though the reasons can be plenty, the effect is same masses of children growing up uneducated and unaware about the options available to them. The situation is equally disappointing in both rural and urban areas. While right to learn remains a worrisome issue, high illiteracy rate, inadequate health care, lack of hygiene, poor sanitation conditions in schools especially for girl child, and extremely limited access to social services among the rural poor add to the grim situation.

Rational of the project

While studying the numerous socio-economic and cultural factors concerning the quarry workers; we found many things in common amongst their families. As most of these children grow up around the quarrying sites, they instinctively get used to helping their parents at work. There is a natural tendency for them to get disinterested in studies even if there is a good educational opportunity nearby. The lack of motivation affects their health, psyche and overall well being as they grow into young adults. Another important factor is a total lack of documented evidence or statistics with the government on the population numbers, prevalence and whereabouts of quarry workers in the state. Various other factors also add to the dilemma of parents sending their wards to schools. Low wages of parents (a monthly average of 2500 per family), alcoholism, labour oriented migration, poor accessibility to educational institutions, absence of proper housing and other basic facilities add to the list.

What we do under the program?

Lovedale Foundation Banyan Community School has been a benchmark program in this direction. Located at Hennur Main Road and catering to about 350 children from nearby areas, the school does its best in reaching out to marginalized communities. Its students either belong to poor households or are orphans. The school provides quality education; support services and raises awareness among the family members about children education.

The beneficiaries include 20 backward quarry villages of Bangalore rural district as below:

  • Children from quarry families
  • Children from BPL families (marginalized)
  • Child laborers and bonded laborers (children aged between 2-14 years)
  • Rescued children from Karnataka police child helpline
  • Children from slums and street children
  • Orphans and children of the destitute mothers
  • Girl children from difficult circumstances
  • HIV/AIDS infected children
  • Children of the commercial sex workers
  • Dropout children from target villages
  • Semi orphans or single parents’ girl children

The Lovedale Foundation educational program offers holistic development of the child. It endeavors to create an environment that nurtures each child’s capacity for inquiry. Our theory of integrating child development with education improves motivation and leads to better learning outcomes. The students are encouraged to explore various areas of interest including academics and attain competence. We give utmost importance to continuous dialogue process in our school, which leads to encouraging results without completion or comparison among the students.

Our approach is to ignite both teacher and parent motivation in order to get best out of the students. From the onset, parents are invited to take an active part in the whole process. This ensures that students learn more and discover vocations that are not merely the reflection of current values and trends in the society. We believe the program’s potential is fully realized once parents and teachers adapt creative practices for the greater good.

At Lovedale Foundation, we are committed to meticulous delivery of the programs, which includes rigorous data analysis, evaluations and randomized trials. Lovedale Foundation motto is delivery of best education to the children and we strive to take various steps in this direction. We believe that for a wholesome development of children, every aspect of their upbringing must be looked at. These constitute health, nutrition, social-cultural and economic aspects apart from education.

Program-in-charge: Mr.Venkatesh Naik (Head Teacher)

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