Every action has a subordinate reaction and the reaction is caused by a proper reason. Man has been identified as a reasonable being which separate them from all the living beings. But often I feel like man can be called as affective animal with the very fact that the reasonable actions are carried out with a feeling or emotion. Whereas an animal like cat is sensible at the same time affective. For example, when it drinks the milk from the kitchen it observes the surroundings and people at home and it also shows its affection by crying, rolling around, stretching its nails and attacking the enemy. But cat doesn’t think as much as a man think and act, it produce automatic response to save/escape from the danger. Where as a man who is in danger thinks several ways to escape with his untold ideas to protect himself and save the body from harms


The sun, which gives light to the whole world, thinks of why does it shed light to the world, still it continues because sun knows the purpose of its life is to give light to the world and enjoy doing that. A person can’t focus on two different directions at a time with the very reason that, man should focus either to the positive or negative aspects.

Every individual has the ‘Power to Change’. A little effort to move the big mountain can demolish all obstacles before you, only with the strong heart to achieve it. Everyone can become a change maker with the little heart and a thought to inspire many with a practical reason for a cause. I never ask you to customize yourself to engage in any of the actions you were never heard or seen, practice the little things in your pure heart with a right reason to make the maximum.

Wise men say, right person, at the right time with the right decision makes the actions successful but the destiny is, these three are in different direction and rarely meet each other. In order to make the most effective and memorable action in life, start making sustainable plans which remains in the world even after you wash out. One can live in good memories in the minds of others with the strong start up and structured reasons, then the whole world will follow you with the right spirit.

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