Good toilets with Sanitation and Hygiene Program in every government school continues to be a distant dream, despite the government sanctioning projects for states and union territories. The highest number of government schools with no toilet facility for girls is in West Bengal, followed by Karnataka even as various studies have shown non-availability of this facility is one of the prime reasons for the girls to drop out.Many states have failed to address this issue on a priority basis. Lovedale has initiated the reconstruction of Toilets in ,partnership with Texas Instruments with a mission to introduce clean, safe and secured toilets for both boys and girls in Govt schools across the District.Lovedale Foundation’s school Sanitation and Hygiene Program is a prerequisite to develop and sustain a healthy physical and learning environment in the school. This is also an entry point to reach the community at a large with the demonstration of good hygiene practices.

Improved toilet facilities in school not only build a healthy physical environment, but also ensure a steady increase in enrollment and retention; particularly of girl children.

The benefits of school toilets

In Bangalore alone, 60,000 children live in the streets. Though in urban regions, literacy rate is marginally better, it’s the dropout rate has become a matter for concern. Our Education program provide with necessary assistance to children,especially from the stone quarry and underprivileged section of the society. These are the children who have rescued from child labor, including poverty, lack of motivation to study further, poor parents support system, absence of teachers or good quality education.Though the reasons can be plenty, the effect is same masses of children growing up uneducated and unaware about the options available to them. The situation is equally disappointing in both rural and urban areas. While right to learn remains a worrisome issue, high illiteracy rate, inadequate health care, lack of hygiene, poor sanitation conditions in schools especially for girl child, and extremely limited access to social services among the rural poor add to the grim situation.

Rational of the project

  • Provide privacy and comfort for the school children especially girl children and female teachers
  • Support retention of girl children in higher classes
  • Inculcate the behavioural change in the school children by using toilets and urinals
  • Create a healthy environment and maintain environmental cleanliness in the school.

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