Thanking Doctors on National Doctors Day

The service of the Doctors, nurses, and all other healthcare working staff cannot be forgotten during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their roles were crucial during the crisis in saving the lives of the people. The pandemic shook the world by spreading deadly diseases forcing countries to impose strict lockdown for several weeks.

Finally, our scientists succeeded in developing the effective COVID vaccine for emergency uses. We should also thank the Government of India for making people realize the importance of vaccination and the convince people to get vaccine shots done at the earliest.

Within a year of the vaccination campaign, India vaccinated more than 100 crores of its citizen, thanks to the hardworking and dedicated doctors, nurses, and all other healthcare working staff.

This year Lovedale Foundation conducted a Greeting Card-making competition for the children studying in schools under Lovedale Foundation on National Doctors Day. Students with full enthusiasm participated in the competition and prepared colorful greeting cards for the doctors and the healthcare workers. Their creativity was lovable, students wrote “Thank You” on the greeting card to appreciate their role and service during the pandemic and how they help society live disease free.

The students along with the Loveadle Foundation volunteers visited hospitals and clinics nearby to their homes and greeted doctors on National Doctors Day and thanked them for their service by giving them the colorful handmade greeting card. They expressed their gratitude and aspired to become like them in the future. The doctors were happy to see children greeting them at their hospitals/clinics

Lovedale Foundation aims to help children and women of rural areas by supporting child education and women empowerment programs.