Individual Volunteer Opportunities&Program

While the core programs are delivered by full time employees of Lovedale; there is ample opportunity to volunteer your time in specific projects that will aid teachers in school as well as provide support to the administrative staff in office.

We depend on Individual volunteer to provide exposure to the world for the Lovedale children. This is the case for both Indian and International volunteers. The diversity of the volunteers in terms of culture, race, age, education and occupation provide the children with invaluable life experiences. They really do become children of the world. Most importantly volunteers provide our children with positive role models to aspire, that they lack so severely because of the backgrounds they come from.Over the past two years we have had volunteers coming from all parts of the world – USA, Canada, UK, Spain, France, Netherlands, Australia and Japan. Many volunteers are from Bangalore, where our organization is based. These Individual volunteer can be students, mothers, retirees and employees especially from the IT industry.

To experience urban India at the grassroots, there is nothing like Individual Volunteer Opportunities&Programwith Lovedale Foundation. We work with 8 slum communities and 350 of the poorest of the poor children in Bangalore; India’s most modern city, where more than 1.5 million people live in over 800 slum pockets.We have a “Volunteering Section” that coordinates all efforts of the volunteers. Our endeavor is to make your experience as meaningful to you as possible and at the same time, beneficial to our children.

Some of the many activities that Individual Volunteer Opportunities&Program can be involved in:

  • Sports
    • Cricket match / teach them techniques
    • Football match / teach them techniques
    • Outdoor games
  • Outside the Campus (During Holidays, weekends)
    • Bannerghatta National Park
    • An outing to a park
    • Planetarium
    • Science Museum
    • Traffic Park
    • Railway station, Post office, bank, airport
    • Visit to Yahoo!
    • Trip to another city by bus / train
    • Visit to Bangalore / Hesarghatta Diary
    • A short trek
  • Within the Campus (Monday to Saturday) Teaching Songs, Magic Tricks Film Show
    • Group games
    • Some songs / from the cassettes
    • Solo/Group Dance
    • Theatre
    • Computers
    • Cookery
    • Vocational workshops – candle making, cards, paper bags, etc
  • Within the classroom (Monday to Saturday)
    • Lessons with children individually
    • Reading
    • Spelling bee
    • Story telling
    • Drawing and coloring based on a theme
    • Writing
    • Public Speaking
    • Quiz
    • Show currencies of different countries
    • Hobbies and collections
    • Craft
    • Pictionary
    • Others
  • Fundraising
    • Helping in Administration
    • Sponsorship
    • Communication materials
    • Construction and infrastructure support
    • Online publications
    • Social media awareness

In case you have any specific skills, which would help the children / organization, please do let us know and we would be happy to learn from you.We would require one reference contact from your hometown before your application submission. It could be from your current employer, or your university, or local police station. This is for submitting to our Government departments here in India as a mandate.

Lovedale Foundation Visitors Policy

We request all visitors to Lovedale Foundation Visitors Policy before you pay a visit to Our Foundation.
Visiting a children’s center is certainly a joy of a thing. The children are often delighted on seeing you, excited to play with you. We will be happy to have you in our campus, as we know that you can spread joy to them, your tangible presence can brighten a child’s day. However we have certain guidelines for you to be followed if you wish to pay a visit.

A VISITOR is defined as, any person seeking to enter our center/school building/office who is not an employee of Lovedale Foundation but a general public/donor.

Exceptions to Visitor Requirements :

Government Officials, Associated grant agencies, Medical professionals on routine visits, building maintenance workers, Associated corporate are exempted from restrictions.

Who are NOT eligible to visit?
  • Individuals with criminal track records.
  • Individuals who simply wants to spend time.
  • Those who suffer from chronic and contagious illness.
  • Nationalities who are denied entry by the Government of India

All visitors shall be requested to wear/submit an appropriate form of identification when visit Lovedale premises. Whenever possible, visitors should obtain authorization from the authority in advance. Visits may be prohibited at certain times such as class hours, special tuition period, study leaves etc. All school visitors must comply at all times with Lovedale policies, administrative rules and school regulations